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Dear Success Driven Women,

Do you feel like…

 Hashimoto's has taken over your life and your body seems to turn on itself?

 You’re applying every diet under the sun and nothing seems to work?

 Your doctor is prescribing only surface level solutions that either don’t work or merely partially work?

 No matter what you do, the weight seems to stick to your body like glue and things you use to do to lose weight are no longer working?

 You're spending boatloads on labs and supplements that seem to disappoint and get you nowhere in your journey?

If so, I just want you to know that I understand the challenges you’re facing.

My team and I have helped many women with Hashimoto's and various other autoimmune issues like these:

"Justin shared the secrets to Hashimoto's weight loss that I was missing...that no doctor was telling me. I never would have believe that it would be the jump start to the body I have always wanted."

- Jenna P. 

"Even after trying keto, AIP, paleo diets, I still kept gaining weight. I exercised everyday and I was so frustrated with how I looked. After working with you, I went from 260 pounds to 200 pounds... and i'm still losing weight every week. Thank you for all that you did for me!"

 - Christina M.

This is just a handful of stories from the countless amounts of stories we have from helping women around the world. 

And after a myriad of transformation stories, I noticed something….I noticed that the Hashimoto’s battle my clients were facing wasn’t merely because of bad dieting, poor exercise routines or a lack of supplements.

In fact, many of my clients had some form of health routine and were educated around health due to the challenges they were facing in their bodies. 

Yet it seemed like no matter what they did, nothing seemed to work.

The things they heavily researched on, whether it be a new diet, a new supplement, or some “meditation/mindfulness hack”, nothing seemed to create the level of progress they wanted.

Sure, some things worked...but partially.

Which left them frustrated, angry and jaded. It’s very possible that you feel the same way too.

I understand.

None of it is your fault. You are not to blame...

Join The Hashimoto's Academy Now!
For only $1.00 per day you'll learn the key strategies no one is telling you to lose weight, boost energy and control your Hashimoto's symptoms 

Founding Members Rate:

 Only $30 per month

Offers expires after the first 100 people

You’ve been fed information from various sources and “experts” of which they all seem to say completely different things. Which can leave you feeling like you’re spinning...and after years of fighting the battle you’ve been facing, it can sometimes feel like there’s no point….life will always be this way.

Am I right?

Trust me, I get it.

My clients felt the same way and believed the same things as you. Until they discovered the shocking truth.

What you’re about to read just may be one of the most eye opening things you will discover.

Are you ready?

Here goes…

The reason why it seems like it’s impossible to lose weight and manage your Hashimoto's symptoms is because of this...

TRSS: Trauma Related Subconscious Stress

Now what is TRSS? In short, it’s the deep stress trapped in your nervous system that’s associated with a really difficult season in life.

Nearly 100% of my clients mentioned that their symptoms began around the time when:

 They lost their innocence due to emotional, physical or sexual abuse

 They lost a loved one and deeply mourned the death of that loved one

 They lost a business and were struggling financially

 They lost a marriage or ended an extremely unhealthy relationship

The emotional pain associated with the event or series of events was so deep and challenging, that the pain began to compound and have negative biological repercussions (i.e. Hashimoto's symptoms).

Funny enough, my clients coping mechanism to not dealing with the trauma was through becoming “a successful superwomen."

Meaning their drive for achievement, their “perfectionist tendency”, their Type-A workaholic personality, their success and drive as a mom, career woman or businesswoman was unconsciously connected to the pain they were holding onto.

The result? 

...A body that turns on itself...

See, here’s how trauma works...

   The Hashimoto’s Domino Effect

Whether it’s a severe childhood trauma, going through a divorce or dealing with the stress of daily life, they are all capable of driving Hashimoto’s.

These experiences can elicit strong emotions (e.g. unworthiness, inadequacy, shame, fear, anger, guilt, etc.) that shapes your mindset as an adult (e.g. “I need to work hard,” “I need to make sure everything is organized and under control,” “I want to make sure everyone is happy.”).

These belief systems encourage unhelpful behaviors that are very stressful and harmful to the body. 

When combined with unhealed emotional pain, it keeps the body “stuck”. The body quite literally begins to go into attack mode as a biological response to the trauma you’ve lived with.

In fact The US National Library of Medicine showed a study that reveals how chronic stress is built from unresolved and hidden childhood trauma which leads to the likelihood of developing an autoimmune disease years into adulthood.  

Other research on this topic shows that not only is chronic stress from trauma a major risk factor for developing autoimmune disease, but also that individuals with autoimmune disease appear to have difficulty down-regulating their immune responses after exposure to stressors.

Simply put, your immune system gets really weak through trauma, making your body vulnerable to inflammation.

The result: Hashimoto’s

Do you have a Type-A personality?

There is even evidence showing that people with strong Type A personality types characterized by seeking control and organization, a successful career, a need for personal fulfillment, have a competitive drive and a natural proclivity to impatience have a greater stress response, and have an increased sensitivity to external stress. 

Studies show that these types of people are more prone to autoimmune diseases, like Hashimoto’s. In essence, your symptoms are prone to dramatically worsen due to these greater stress responses. 

Interestingly enough, most (if not all) my clients are type A driven individuals. As we dissected things together, we discovered that a lot of their drive was a coping mechanism to deal with the emotional pain they were feeling.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why is a guy like me so committed to helping women with Hashimotos? Let me introduce myself...

My name is Justin Janoska, I’m the founder of The Hashimoto's Academy. I founded this program after a very difficult season in my own life.

It all started with my mom.

The Heartbreaking News:
My Mom Was Diagnosed With Hashimotos…

I was shattered. Seeing my mom go through the struggles she faced pushed me to absolute obsession. I researched for hours on end. I decided there was no way in hell I was just going to watch my mom suffer and get little to no resolution from the pills her doc prescribed her.

And after all those hours of hard work,

Vuala! I Was Able To Get My Mom On The Road To Remission!

She began to undergo a transformation that none of her doctors or pills could. It was so fulfilling to see.

My Mom's Devastating Hashimoto's Story

Join The Hashimoto's Academy Now!
For only $1.00 per day you'll learn the key strategies no one is telling you to lose weight, boost energy and control your Hashimoto's symptoms 

Founding Members Rate:

 Only $30 per month

Offers expires after the first 100 people

Little did I know, that would become the beginning of a journey to helping women achieve healing all around the world.

Now, this may sound crazy, but I want you to imagine something.

Imagine if…

  • You can truly create emotional healing from your past?
  • ​You could build your business or career without feeling exhausted daily?
  • ​You didn’t have to live with endless levels of anxiety?
  • ​You could get a good night's sleep without waking up multiple times throughout the night?
  • ​You knew the exact steps to mastering your body, and eliminating uncontrollable weight gain without damaging your health?
  • ​You didn’t have to live feeling sluggish and could feel energized once again?
  • ​You could cut out 50% of the pharmaceuticals and supplements you’re taking now?
  • ​You could feel like your body is no longer turning on itself?

Now, Does that sound exciting to you?

Then I invite you to keep reading...because I created something special for you…

This Is The Ultimate Subscription Community And Concierge Service For Super Mamas & Success Driven Women Looking To Burn Fat, Lose Weight And Eliminate Fatigue While Managing Your Hashimoto's Symptoms

Who This Is For:

  • If you’re a super mama, type A personality, workaholic perfectionist, or highly motivated career oriented woman
  • ​If you're tired of being given "solutions" by doctors that don't work and in many ways make it worse
  • If you want to drop weight without having to obsess about diet and exercise
  • ​If you're exhausted from spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on lab tests
  • ​If you confused on what to do because of so much conflicting information
  • ​If you want to feel energized enough to take care of their kids and family

Who This Is NOT For:

 Someone looking for quick fixes, gimmicks and standard “weight loss programs” that don’t work and make your Hashimoto's worse

 Someone who thinks they know it all and isn’t humble to admit their need for support

 Someone who is looking for just a new supplement or diet program and following the norms of diet culture

 Someone who isn’t teachable or coachable

 Someone who isn’t willing to take action

 Someone with unrealistic expectations, and looking for immediate gratification and results in 15-30 days - that’s not the kind of program I run.

What’s included:

 New training videos every month revealing the hidden truths about Hashimoto's you need to know in order to optimally control your disease

 A brand new theme each moth including: gut health, toxins, stress, trauma and emotions, infections, brain health, detoxification, exercise, diet, sleep, medications, lab testing, etc.

  Bi-weekly live Q&A calls to answer all of your questions!

  Daily support from our coaches who have overcome their own Hashimoto's disease 

 Exclusive trainings inside our private Facebook group

 Cases studies and discussions with women who have fixed and reversed their Hashimoto’s 

 A "workout of the week" for the Hashimoto’s warrior designed to support your weight loss

 A weekly printable supplement and diet planner for you to use each day

 Easy, actionable steps you need to address the root causes of your Hashimoto's

 Meditation prompts to master your anxiety and stress

  Delicious and healthy recipes to create more variety in your diet

  Backend access membership to updated monthly training and teachings on fatigue, anxiety, 
       weight loss, stress management, sleep, fitness and more!

    Total Value: $300/month

    Limited time offer: $30/month or one time payment of $297 for the year

    Join The Hashimoto's Academy Now!
    For only $1.00 per day you'll learn the key strategies no one is telling you to lose weight, boost energy and control your Hashimoto's symptoms 

    Founding Members Rate:

     Only $30 per month

    Offers expires after the first 100 people

    How it works…

    1) Fill out your info and sign up today

    2) Check your email inbox and login 

    3) Start the journey towards feeling and look better!

    Still wondering if this is for you? 

    Here’s more client stories for you!

    These are the results from Hashimoto's clients who applied my strategies!

    Join The Hashimoto's Academy Now!
    For only $1.00 per day you'll learn the key strategies no one is telling you to lose weight, boost energy and control your Hashimoto's symptoms 

    Founding Members Rate:

     Only $30 per month

    Offers expires after the first 100 people

    Still need more proof? Here you go!

    We back our words with our actions!

    Now, I understand you might be skeptical. “How could I actually lose weight and create healing in my body?” Our team at The Hashimoto's Academy has supported hundreds upon women like you. 

    I dare even say, our clients have seen the best results from our systems than from any other existing system out there. We’re so confident in that fact, we’re willing to bet on it.

    Which is why we're giving you 30 days to decide whether our strategies work. 

    In the highly unlikely event you're applying our systems and not blown away, we refuse to keep even a penny of your money. Just contact us, let us know where we could be better, and we will refund you every penny you paid.

    No questions asked.

    We’re excited to see you become a Hashimoto's Academy member today!

    Join The Hashimoto's Academy Now!
    For only $1.00 per day you'll learn the key strategies no one is telling you to lose weight, boost energy and control your Hashimoto's symptoms 

    Founding Members Rate:

     Only $30 per month

    Offers expires after the first 100 people

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